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Join us for two days of discussions, readings, keynote speeches, and performances centered around the publication of Knowledge Makers Volume 8, and its topic.

About Knowledge Makers

Changing the World,

One Researcher at a Time

Knowledge Makers is a collaborative teaching initiative where Indigenous undergraduate students learn the process of research, and how to publish research as Indigenous researchers.

Based at Thompson Rivers University, we bring together up to 20 Indigenous undergraduate students each year from across the university to learn how to ‘make knowledge’ through a multi-modal approach.

The Journal

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Today, Knowledge Makers is a Canadian award-winning Indigenous research network.
Annually, and through special edition publications we support new and upcoming Knowledge Makers who are changing the world, and redefining what Indigenous Research looks like. 

Become a Knowledge Maker

Discover more about upcoming special publication plans and how you can become a Knowledge Maker yourself.

If we have a current call for papers information on how to apply will be outlined here as well.

Program Resources

Aspiring writers in the Knowledge Makers program can find support in research, writing, or cultural knowledge.

We’ve created a place to you can discover additional resources to enrich or further your program experience.

Previous Volumes

Explore our Previous Volumes, where you can discover the insights and thoughts shared by KM Alumni over the years.

Immerse yourself in their voices and experiences, gaining valuable wisdom and understanding.


We are creating a ripple effect of change.

My hope for Indigenous research in Secwépemcul’ecw and beyond is that we come to the understanding that our research can create ripples of positive energy and that many stones can create a large ripple e­ffect that will send a positive flow of energy to our friends, families, communities, nations, and all of creation.

Dr. Rod McCormick


Indigenous research has always been done on us and it is time now, that we take it and have it be done by us.

Outcomes and Awards


Knowledge Makers transcends the boundaries of a mere journal publication; it stands as a robust research network, a facilitator of research training programs, and a guardian of traditional knowledge.

Within the realm of Knowledge Makers, a dynamic research network thrives, fostering collaboration and innovation. Guided by mentorship systems, it nurtures aspiring researchers, preserving invaluable Indigenous knowledge for future generations. Notably, Knowledge Makers has been honored with awards for its exemplary contributions to both publication and education.

Nations Represented
Travel Opportunities

Providing Indigenous Researchers with Hands-on Experiences.

With the support of Universities Canada, we are able to create travel opportunities to go to Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand for 15 undergrad students once a year. Students are immersed in important land, spiritual, and cultural education.

The students who take part are those who go through the Knowledge Maker’s publication program.


The Impacts of Knowledge Makers

Being able to support Indigenous undergraduates in their first publication is our most important program outcome. For many the experience is affirming and powerful, but don’t take just our word for it.


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Apply for Volume 10 Today!

Hey friends! Knowledge Makers is accepting applications for volume 10 now All students from all academic backgrounds & areas of study. Learn how to write a research paper that’s important to you and your community, receive mentorship along the way, get a published academic journal article and $1000! AND! if…


MHRC-Mitacs Indigenous Mental Health Studentships worth 15,000$

Calling all Indigenous student mental-health researchers! Deadline: November 30, 2023 at 11.59pm EDT MHRC is proud to partner with Mitacs on this funding opportunity for Indigenous university, college or postgraduate students across the country to work with their academic supervisor and partner with a local service provider or Indigenous community…


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