Knowledge Makers is an Indigenous student research network. The aim of Knowledge Makers is to bring Indigenous students together to practice Indigenous research that is of service to our communities. 


Levi Glass 

Artist for the Knowledge Makers Symbol

My thinking behind the design was drawn from a few ideas I read in the Indigenous Storywork essay. Archibald (2008) discusses the design of baskets: “I use the basket as one metaphor for learning about stories and storytelling.” (p.2). When discussing Holism Archibald explains “ symbolizes wholeness, completeness, and ultimate wellness. The never-ending circle also forms concentric circles to show both synergistic influence of and our responsibility toward the generations of ancestry, the generation of today, and the generation to come.” (p.11) My design works off of these two images showing that the Knowledge Makers program is working from the many generations of Indigenous knowledge that came before us and is weaving towards a future generation of Indigenous researches.
Archibald, J. A. (2008). An Indigenous storywork methodology. Handbook of the arts in qualitative research: Perspectives, methodologies, examples, and issues, 371-393.


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